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Don’t waste your time on unnecessary paperwork.

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Sounds familiar?

Dance competition organization is a great effort - registrations, starting lists preparation, payment handling, audio tracks management... You receive hundreds of emails, besides that you have to find time for the marketing. Another sleepless night. But it does not have to be that way.

Prepare your competition stitched up
Quick, easy and stress-free

Karta zgloszen was made by organizers for organizers.
It has all you really need

Online registration

An easy way for participant and reliability for you by providing instant email and sms notifications. Forget about non delivered registrations and excel sheets.

All in one place

All data available 24hrs on every PC, tablet or smartphone. Lost document or audio file? With the cloud based backup there is no chance to happen.

Automated workflow

Competition numbers, performance lists, judge sheets. Two clicks and ready to go. Audio files zipped and ordered by the performance order? You're welcome :)

24/7 tech support

Contest is coming and there's something missing? Let us know - we have all-day support online. We are here for help!

Sounds good? There is more that you can find in Karta Zgloszen

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What if our app does not cover your expectations?

Nothing. If the Karta Zgloszen does not facilitate the organization of the competition, we will refund your money. Seriously. Your feedback will let us improve our product - and everyone wins. But wait - you don't have to buy a pig in a poke.

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